How we work

Initially, Our role in the process will be to:
  • Identify and sign up our new clients
  • supply new clients with Agreements and Registration forms
  • Obtain Signed Agreements, registration forms, and Commercial Certificate of Status from clients
  • Send all paperwork to Prestige Tax Refund Address
  • Inform the client that the claim has been submitted, and give an estimate for when the claim will be finalised and how much their refund is expected to be
  • Forward all requests for additional information to clients and obtain responses in time to meet any deadlines
Once the claim has been finalised, we will:
  1. (a) If the claim is approved, inform the client of the approval and the amount of refund they will receive, or
  2. (b) If the claim is refused, Inform the client why it has been refused and what the next steps, if any, will be